Find My Kids

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​Advanced Android Apps

While myTripTracker is designed to document a trip taken by you and your phone, Find My Kids is designed to locate or document a trip taken by someone else and their phone.

The primary purpose of Find My Kids is to locate and/or track the movement of your children.  You have to put an innocent looking flashlight program on their Android phone named FlashBeacon and install Find My Kids on your phone.  You sync the two up and then, when they don't come home from school, you can find out where they are.

There are obviously many other uses for the program but generally it's intended to help you keep track of friends and loved ones.

Trips, once completed, can be stored on your phone and you can email them to PC where you can view them just as you can in myTripTracker.  This demo video of these same capabilities show the power of the app.

For this app, the PDF must be read and understood paying special attention to the Startup Guide section.