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​​myTripTracker creates a 3D breadcrumb trail of any trip the phone is taken on. The Map screen shows the phone creating the breadcrumb trail real time as the phone moves. You can save the trip on the local phone and restore it back to the Phone's map at any time. Your total distance, average speed, and time taken are recorded. You can tell the app to send you an email with your trip file included where you can then view the trip 3D on Google Earth, or Bing Maps on your PC or Mac.

Your trip can be viewed real-time, or historically, using I.E. 11 browser, by going to http://www.deanblakely.com/view.aspx where you enter the email address that was entered in myTripTracker settings.

myTripTracker is available in both ten day trial and paid versions.

Be sure to see the demo video to understand the full power of this program.

myTripTracker is marketed as "GPS Breadcrumb Tracker" on Android.

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