SafeTalk is the only messenger that provides PRIVACY . . .

If you don't care about privacy you will probably be better off with SnapChat or WhatsApp or something like that.

PRIVACY means that you never have to identify yourself.

Every other messenger requires you to enter something real about yourself.  Phone Number or Google Account number or your real email address.  Only with SafeTalk can you remain anonymous, if you want.

PRIVACY means that SafeTalk can't read and steal your photos, contacts, browsing history and other files off your phone and sell them.  This is because SafeTalk only has the 7 permissions it needs to do its job.  All the other messengers have 30 - 40 permissions and can take anything off your phone that they want.

PRIVACY means nobody but your intended receiver can ever see your message or even know it was ever sent.  And we are able to prove that.

SafeTalk translates language.  No other messenger does that !


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